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What kind of careers/jobs will fit with your work style? This information is part of the huge Talent Profile report and includes the following sections:

Thinking Style

There are two very basic kinds of thinking, convergent and divergent. Creativity uses Divergent Thinking, solving problems with many possible solutions. Divergent thinking is strongly associated with being emotionally open. Convergent Thinking is solving problems with a single, correct answer. Convergent thinking is strongly associated with emotional control. Where do you fall between these two thinking styles? Are you a drama queen or a cold fish? Take the test to find out!


There are two basic types of orientation, internal and external. People with an internal orientation are more about listening, cooperation and paying attention to what is going on inside (the organization, the team and themselves). People with an external orientation are more about action, movement and focusing on the outside. Orientation will tell you if you should be working in the back office or in a more customer-facing kind of job.

Behavioral Style

There are four (4) general behavior styles that match up with the 4 quadrants of the Octogram model: EntrepreneurialResult-orientedSystem-oriented and People-oriented. You can have more than one behavior style, so the report tells you how you rank on each individual style. These general styles are based on an average of the two Work Styles in each quadrant of the Octogram.

Slice_ondEntrepreneurial behavior style
People with a strong entrepreneurial focus are excited about trying new things and exploring new territories. They welcome the unexpected and do not need to have a strict itinerary for the future. They are adventurous and are prepared to take risks. Depending on their nature, this express itself as seeking out challenging social situations or as looking for challenging business situations and chances.

Slice_resResults-oriented behavior style
People with a results-oriented behavior have a strong focus on concrete results. They work through adversity and display energy and determination. They are competitive and set high standards for themselves and for those around them. They are practical and tend to prefer dealing with concrete reality.

Slice_bhrSystem-oriented behavior style
People with a systems-oriented behavior style like structure, order and plans. They attach great importance to keeping control, both of themselves and of the situation. They push for efficiency, quality and perfection. This behavior style is focused on creating systems of rules to facilitate quality and reduce chaos. Like the results-oriented style, this style values control. But where the results-style is oriented toward competition and controlling others, this styles is oriented toward self-control and bureaucracy.

Slice_menPeople-oriented behavior style
This style is focused on the human element of the team or organization. People with this style attach a great deal of importance to maintaining relationships through cooperation and friendly behavior. Expect people with this style to be warm and approachable, to exhibit empathy and project a caring attitude.



Suggested Careers

Your work style tells us a lot about the kinds of functions and work environments that will fit you. This section culls a list of work categories and situations to find some that match with you. This is not a list of jobs that you should go after, it is a list of some jobs that would seem to match your style, use it as a jumping-off point, a starting list to help you choose the type of career that will make you happy.