The Octogram vs Other Models

An interactive correlation graphic

The interactive graphic below shows how the traits of the Octogram correlate to other personality and behavior tests. This graphic shows how the traits of the Octogram test connect with Career Values (Authenticity, Autonomy, Collegiality, etc), Communication Styles (Cooperative, Directive, Expressive, Reflective), Desired Organizational Culture (Adhocracy, Family, etc), and the 30 personality traits measured by our OP5 test (Altruism, Ambition, etc).

When you put your mouse over a particular trait name, the positive and negative relationships are highlighted. For example, the Pioneer trait of the Octogram has positive relationships with the need to be Creative at work, Communicate in an Expressive way, work in a company with an Adhocracy culture, and with a personality that enjoys Taking Risks.

What are we looking at here?

  • The Octogram traits (Pioneer, Networker, Achiever, Strategist, Anchor, Analyst, Team Player and Helper) are connected by a web of relationships to traits of other tests. These connections are based on hundreds of candidates who have taken 2 (or more) tests and analyzing the patterns in their answers.
  • Green lines indicate a positive correlation and Red lines indicate a negative correlation.
  • You can click on and rotate the image with your mouse, but this functionality is iffy on a tablet.
  • This graphic is only displaying relatively STRONG relationships between traits.
  • The Communication Styles test is based on the work of Robert Bolton.
  • The Career Values test is based on the work of Edgar Schein.
  • The Organizational Culture test is an extended version of the popular OCAI instrument created by Quinn and Cameron.