Richard’s Talent Profile

The Talent Profile report says a LOT about you. Even though we put in a lot of work to make sure you can understand, and apply, the results to your own career, there might be some question about how you should react to the results. I decided to publish my own profile and write down my own reactions to what the profile says about me. I put the results up on my personal web site and made the results public. Any future employer will be seeing the same stuff you are looking at.

I spend a lot of time looking at the psychometric market, trying to see what my competitors/colleagues are doing with personality testing. Since developing the Talent Profile, I haven’t seen anything out there that can compete on an investment/return basis. With a 14 minute test, I am given a whole career guide that is insightful, evidence-based, and tailored to who I am as an individual.

Click here to see my own Talent Profile report and my reactions to it.

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