Comparing your work style to your current job

Does my current work environment allow me to play to my strengths?

Step 1 Print out your Basic Report or Talent Profile and get your Octogram result image


Step 2 Draw an Octogram and map out what your current job requires.

richard_job_sketch How closely does the map match with your own Octogram profile?

Let’s see what mine looks like:

The disconnects for me are the Networker and Anchor roles. My work occasionally requires me to step up on stage at conferences and presentations or just to be generally market-y. Those occasions are rare, so I can be flexible, burn the extra energy, and go sit in a quiet room alone for a couple of days to recover. The difference on the Anchor score is more problematic, my programming work consists of thousands of moving parts and texts in multiple languages and all of it has to be error-free. Since I could not do that, I surrounded myself with support staff and coworkers who are very good Anchors. People with a strong Anchor score enjoy digging into details, editing and looking for errors.

Do you see the point of this exercise? Before I had this model, I would just get depressed and bang my head on the wall when it came to things like documentation and schedules. I did not understand that I should find a way to work around that instead of spending time and energy trying to ‘fix’ that part of my personality. I would go to a conference and do very well, I am very personable on a stage, but would feel exhausted for days. Now I know why.

Map out your job right now, set it alongside your Octogram profile and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do the misses describe what frustrates you about your current job?
  2. Do the hits describe what you enjoy about your work?
  3. What changes do you need to make to bring your work in line with your style?
  4. Who else on your team compliments your strengths and weaknesses? Can you distribute tasks more effectively?
  5. Is my profile suited for management?
  6. Would I be better suited in another role in the company? In another company?

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