Octogram Work and Leadership Style Test

The Octogram is a personality test based on the Competing Values Framework.

Understanding your work style will help you make the right choices for your future job satisfaction.

The Octogram gives you an accurate description of your work style. This information can be used to guide your own career, as a jumping off point for development conversations with your manager, as a way to choose which kinds of careers would offer you the best chances for long term success and for selecting and hiring situations.

The Octogram is used by hundreds of organizations and this web site gives you a chance to see yourself through this professional psychometric instrument.

Why does work have to be so hard? Ever feel like you are in a prize fight with your co-workers, your customers, yourself? You aren’t imagining things, all organizations have a variety of things that it needs to accomplish and those things are quite often in conflict with each other. The Octogram helps you understand these conflicts and gives you some tools for navigating through them.